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Grown-Up Gummi Bears October 31, 2011

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Halloween is upon us, and I wanted to share a delightfully easy and delicious “cocktail” to serve up at your party this year.  I know this recipe is all over the internet already, but I’m whipping some up myself for opening night of “Hair,” so I thought I’d share it with you anyway.

Grown-Up Gummi Bears

All you need is a big bag of gummi bears (Haribo are my favorite), and a 750 ml bottle of vodka.  I decided to use a citrus flavored vodka to go with the fruitiness of the gummi bears.  You could also try using gummi worms, frogs, eyeballs, or any other Halloween themed gummi to make these even more seasonally appropriate.

What you do is combine the vodka and the gummis in a big glass container (plastic will absorb the alcohol and will never smell the same again).  Make sure that the gummis are completely submerged in alcohol.  Now, just let them sit for a few hours, or even overnight.  The longer you let them sit, the more vodka they will soak up, and the bigger they will get.  However, the longer you let them sit, the gooier they will get too, so you don’t want to let them go too long.

What’s great is, once the gummis are done soaking, you can strain the remaining vodka back into a receptacle and use it for mixed drinks (or shots), because it’s now gummi bear flavored.  So really, you’re getting a twofer here, people!  Place some toothpicks beside the container of gummis for easy serving.

Please enjoy these treats responsibly-no drinking and driving!!

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2 Responses to “Grown-Up Gummi Bears”

  1. lo smith Says:

    i looked this up and everyone has different ideas of how long to soak the gummy bears. i socked them for 2 days and had nothing but slime when i checked them.. how ever they made great jello shots.

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