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In Step With Laurene Powell Jobs

What would you do with 11 billion dollars? Steve Jobs’ widow, Laurene Powell Jobs has asked herself that question, and the answer that comes up over and over again is to sail on her yacht when she has time and do good for others! During Steve Jobs’ tenure as Apple’s CEO, she stood behind the scenes, coming forward to help during release dates, but now she is stepping out to show the world what careful investment and a firm hand can do.

Jobs credentials regarding money and its management go back a long way. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania with a bachelor’s degree, she went on work as a fixed income trading specialist, and eventual loaned her skills to Merrill Lynch Asset Management. She also finished her Master’s degree in Business Administration from Stanford Graduate school of Business in 1991 before moving on with her career.

One of the first philanthropic organizations that Jobs formed was College Track. Co-founded with Carlos Watson, it is an organization that is designed to ensure that young students find the bridge between school and college to be a little less intimidating. It is geared especially towards helping minority and low-income students find the resources that they need.

In addition to that, Jobs has founded the Emerson Collective. The Emerson Collective is a group that seeks to offer funding, investments, grants and partnerships to those who work towards social justice and educational reform. The end result is that the Collective puts the people who know what’s going on in charge without making fundraising their top priority.

Though her late husband was very vocal in his distaste for politics and those who participate in it, Jobs herself has found herself less averse. She is the top donor to the Ready for Hillary PAC, which is dedicated to getting the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton into the White House. In addition to the donations, she has also spoken out passionately about the role politics has to play in bettering the world.

The big question that people are asking themselves about Laurene Powell Jobs at the moment is what she is going to do. With her work with the Ready for Hillary PAC and the Emerson Collective, she has a foot in the world of both politics and philanthropy. What this tells people looking on is that she can go and do almost anything she wants, but it can only be assumed that she will be doing good!

Tom Rothman | The Name You Need To Know At Sony TriStar

Tom Rothman & TriStar Productions

Tom Rothman was in recent times named the Chairman of a brand new partnership business enterprise with Sony Pictures that is tasked with making films as well as television under the banner of TriStar. Formerly, he worked as the Chairman as well as CEO of Fox Filmed Entertainment from 2000 to 2002. He stopped working with FFE in January 1, 2013, after the greatest lucrative decade in the history of the company and following its separation from founding News Corporation and also the restructuring into 21st Century Fox. In his power, he managed among the world’s biggest producers as well as distributors of television products and motion picture, together with Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp., Fox Searchlight (that Rothman established in the year 1994 and which scoped the 2008 Best Picture Oscar Award for Slumdog Millionaire), Blue Sky Animation as well as Twentieth Century Fox Television. Both entities have annual revenues of over $8 Billion, have active business operations in over 70 countries across the globe, and have always been on the forefront when it comes to digital media transformation. Profit margins that have been obtained under the management tenure of Rothman together with his assistant chairman were over and over again the leading in this industry and its 2012 working profits were actually the best that any studio has ever achieved. 

The tenure of Rothman at Fox had a span of over eighteen years, which was longer than what any other creative leader had spent in the history of the studio, with the exclusion of Darryl Zanuck who was a legendary. Prior to becoming Chairman, Rothman served in the position of the President of Twentieth Century Fox Film Group, production’s head for Twentieth Century Fox as well as President of Fox Searchlight. 

Several of the many different and enduring films created under his management, include: Life of Pi, Master and Commander, Walk the Line, Descendants, Black Swan, Juno, Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln, Beast of the Southern Wild, Borat, Cast Away, The X-Men Series, Little Miss Sunshine, Moulin Rouge, Sideways, Minority Report, Boys Don’t Cry, Waiting to Exhale, The Devil Wears Prada, The Simpsons Movie, The Crucible, The Ice Age Series, Something About Mary, Marley and Me, and also the best of the best movies: Titanic as well as Avatar. Throughout his leadership period got nominated for more than 150 Academy Awards, managed to win 3 Best Pictures Oscars, and also made over $40 Billion in global box office.

Dr. Daniel Amen Really Can Read Your Mind

Confession: I have always suffered from headaches that inhibited the quality of my life. I went to doctor after doctor looking for the cause to no avail. Every specialist I saw made me feel like I was crazy. That was until my cousin in New York told me about Dr. Daniel Amen. I went and saw him at Amen Clinics when I visited over the holidays and received a SPECT scan. After looking at my brain, Amen was able to give me a regimen combining exercise and nutrition and I’m happy to say in 2015 I haven’t suffered from ONE headache. I felt I had to share Dr. Amen’s story with my readers.
For Dr. Daniel Amen, good health begins with the brain. Dr. Amen goes where many other psychiatrists and physicians do not, and uses detailed brain scans, pioneering analysis, and nutritional advice to peer into some of the more neglected aspects of how our brains affect our overall well-being. His efforts have resulted in the largest database in the world of behavioral brain scans, and he has influenced a tremendous amount of new research in the field. Dr. Amen’s studies and data contain enormous potential for anyone interested in how trauma and other changes sustained in the brain are related to real-world outcomes, including depression and anxiety. 

Dr. Amen is a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and is considered by many to be the most popular psychologist in America. Yet in some ways he is quite an unlikely candidate to fill such a role. Not only does he break conventional psychologist stereotypes with his soft-spoken and approachable manner, but he openly rejects the profession of psychiatry for neglecting what he claims is the most important component of psychological health: the brain itself. By bringing the brain back into the center of psychological analysis where it belongs, Dr. Amen has revolutionized the profession and empowered patients to improve their lives.

A prolific author and speaker, Dr. Amen wants to reach as many people as possible with his critically important message of brain health and recovery. He is the author or co-author of over 30 best-selling books and 60 professional articles, and he has written and produced 9 television programs. He’s a regular contributor to Most recently, he has teamed up with Pastor Rick Warren and his fellow physician Dr. Mark Hyman to bring a holistic plan of health and well-being to the world through religious organizations like Warren’s Saddleback Church. Together with his colleagues he continues to explore the best strategies of nutrition and recovery for optimal brain health.

In his personal life, Dr. Amen is happily married to Tana, and is the proud father of four children and grandfather of five. You can also follow him on Twitter.

Movies We’re Looking Forward in January 2015

I saw an ad on the side of the Jared Haftel CNN article I was reading for the new Taken movie coming to theaters this weekend. It got me thinking about all the new releases this month. I guess those personalized ads do work! Alas, here’s what I found:

1. Taken 3

To be released on January 9th, Taken 3 apparently does not feature a kidnapping plot like Taken and Taken 2. Instead, it seems like Mills was on the run from dingy individuals. It is a chance for the character to give its audiences the outstanding finale that they are hoping for.

2. Selma

From the time that the project was launched, it seems like Selma will have a potential for an Oscar award. Instead of going on a straight biopic route, the movie captures a specific moment for Martin Luther King Jr. This decision may prove to be the movie’s biggest strength. Its release date will be on January 9th.

3. Blackhat

Though its cyber terrorist plot sounds too common, Blackhat might still be worth to watch. Not only because its main star is Chris Hemsworth, the Thor star, but also because the movie is directed by Michael Mann, who is famous for his works like Heat and Collateral. Its released date will be on January 16th.

4. American Sniper

With a release date on January 16th, the American Sniper may also have a chance for an Oscar award as it tells the true story of Chris Kyle, an Iraq war vet. He was portrayed by Bradley Cooper. Kyle is known as the most lethal sniper in the United States military history, which makes his story worth telling and there is more to that.

5. Project Almanac

A Michael Bay produced film, Project Almanac features mostly an underage cast. However, the movie also throws in a time travel twist, making it a strong case for a sleeper hit. Its release date will be on January 30th.

Ebola Infected Flown to Nebraska

It has been months since we had any big Ebola news but it seems as though the virus has struck again . A woman who works in the health care industry admitted that she was working in Sierra Leone where she was in contact with patients who had contracted the Ebola virus. The woman was found to have had the virus but did not show any symptoms. Although the virus can be very deadly, it is only contagious and at its most danger when the person infected is showing symptoms. However, the woman was flown the Nebraska Medicine to be further looked at.

Ebola is a very deadly virus that has been around for decades. It is only now coming to notoriety after a few people, none of whom are Tom Rothman,  from America and Britain have contracted the disease. Even though it took this long for it to finally garner some kind of attention, it has inspired scientists to create some kind of cure for the disease. Scientists observing the patient in Nebraska and across the country are trying to find whatever solutions work best. There was another woman in Scotland affected who also was working with people in the field; she tried an experimental procedure to see if the medicine would work or not. Unfortunately, the results for her experimental treatment do not look so good. She has shown symptoms and the search to find a cure continues still.

Fast Food Still Unhealthy


The latest research on fast food will probably not come as much of a shock to people. Or at least the general finding won’t be. A new study examined popular fast food chains to see if there had been any improvement on their nutritional profile since 1996. Unsurprisingly, the general menu of these fast food chains has remained at the same general average. The nutritional profile of some items has improved. For example the trans fat content of french fries saw dramatic improvement.

And there’s seemingly good news from the fact that 56% of the items offered by the chains showed significant reduction in caloric content. This was balanced out by the other 44% of the menu showing significant increases in total caloric content. With everything averaged out, the end results is that fast food has remained essentially unchanged since 1996. This is despite a massive rise in general public awareness of just how unhealthy fast food can be.

This issue might seem minor at first. Zeca Oliveira knows that people seem well aware that fast food isn’t healthy, and it’s easy to assume that it’s a rare treat for people. The real significance of the findings is only seen when paired with the statistics of how often people go out for fast food. 1/3rd of the calories consumed by the average American comes from outside his or her home. Of those calories, a full 40% come from fast food franchises.

It’s clear that trips to get fast food are anything but a rare treat for many people. Given that fast food franchises show no interest in improving the nutritional profile of their menu, this poses some significant risks for the country’s overall health.

The Future of Federer and His Twins

The tennis champion Roger Federer muses a lot about the future of his children, and his attitude towards the idea of them becoming also professional players. He does have a subject to think of there, and that is given that he is the father of two sets of twins.

There’s certainly a lot on the man’s plate, and taking care of twins represents the sort of work that few can understand or comprehend.

Federer believes that the key to success is to make it clear for your child that the opportunity to be professional players is a privilege given to them, not an imposed action. He said that his parents’ attitude was a good example. He was made to feel like having them in the tribune was great, and not having them follow along was as good as that.

Besides that, he shared the pang of doubt that he felt at a moment in his career. Winning the title in one year is one thing, and joining the same contest next year means you have to defend your title, and that makes it twice as complicated.

Regarding his children and sports, Federer can only say that he does not plan to be a pushy parent to his children. Once they settle in Switzerland, the children will be free to chose a sport they like and go as far as they want in the domain. But I agree with what I saw on Sam Tabar’s website, my money’s on the kids becoming the next big things in tennis.

Stuart Scott Deceased at 49


In the day and age that we live in, it seems that the cancer is just a part of day to day life for most people around the world. Things happen, people like Gianfrancesco Geno get diagnosed and bad things happen. That is just a part of a reality that we happen to have to live with on a regular basis. Well known sportscaster, Stuart Scott, unfortunately died today due to complications with a long battle that he fought with cancer. It is pretty shocking to say the least, due to the fact that not many people knew that he was battling cancer. Scott has been one of the dominant figures in the sports broadcasting world, commenting on everything sports related for a long time. It just goes to show that this disease is something that affects each and every one of us and is a very tough dilemma that a huge percentage of the population has to deal with at some point or another. Stuart Scott managed to keep it pretty much under the radar that he was going through a battle with cancer, as he has been consistently reporting on sports events and is regularly on ESPN and other major sporting networks. The very unfortunate reality has struck home with one of the most well liked sports analysts on television and a great amount of people are shocked and feeling for the loss of one of the great sports reporters in recent times.